Probe Battle


This is pretty much all I could think of when Virginia started going around shouting for mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds. And since I'm better with images than words most of the time, I made a handy illustration to prove my point. Seriously, this shit is scary.

How many Darth Vader quotes can you imagine fitted to all this craziness with Republicans going ape-shit about sex and my ladyparts? Off the top of my head, these all have a new meaning and this is what I imagine the follow up would be if these quotes was applied currently:

I find your lack of faith disturbing.
Because I want all you heathens to quit having sex. Just hold an aspirin between your legs and believe in Jesus.

Luke, I am your father!
Because we made your mom have a procedure so we could make her feel guilty about possibly aborting you.

I sense something, a presence I've not felt since...
Because she has to lay in silence while we probe her with this phallic medical utensil.

And yes! I do know that Virginia has killed the bill... for the year. But at the rate it's going, don't be surprised to see it back next year for debate and/or in any other state because they're still requiring an abdominal ultrasound for abortions. said it best:
These two Virginia bills, along with attacks on Planned Parenthood, and the attempt to remove birth control coverage from the Affordable Care Act are salvos in an ongoing war on women. Consider the death of this bill a battle won, but make no mistake: this is a war, and there are plenty of battles still left to fight.

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