I see our future.


One of the most anticipated shows that started this year for Hubs and I was Up All Night. And thank gawd it was swapped with Whitney (coughterribleshowsobadcough) and is now on NBC's Thursday lineup. I've never not liked anything with Will Arnett or Christina Applegate so it caught my eye immediately. I was hooked within 10 minutes of the pilot episode. Especially when they mentioned how much they have to stop cursing.

It's my new comedy love. And it's foretelling my future. The characters of Reagan and Chris are most definitely my husband and I within a few years. From things like the sock incident...

To Chris's ridiculous collection of t-shirts (coughhusbandcouch) to over competitiveness on game nights (me)...

Maybe I'm just trying to identify with something that equates to marriage by way of how it's portrayed on television now that I am technically married. Maybe I'm projecting. Maybe we're not anything like these characters at all. Or the fact that there was a bit on playing Rock Band and arguing with one another about how they weren't doing it right and/or how easy an instrument is and Hubs and I have been re-living this exact same thing for weeks now; yea, furthering instances to support my reasoning. So when I say that this is my future, I mean, this really is my damn future. 

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