Halloween from Snow Hell


Halloween weekend was incredibly fun and incredibly terrifying. We got our first snow storm of the year. Woo! But nearly two feet within two hours was way too much. So much that we partied by candlelight.
Food was pre-prepped, some pre-cooked, costumes were on, last pan went into the oven, and bam! Lights flickered. Within a minute they came back on. Thinking it was a fluke, I shut the oven door and in sync with the oven door sealing closed, the lights were gone again. Never to be seen again. Well, at least for six more days. We were determined to party on. This was, afterall, our Halloween/new-house-party kind of party. So we texted all invited and instructed them to bring candles. 

With slow beginnings, everyone started to show up and we had a fantastic time in the dark. We didn't quite realize the magnitude of what was going on outside until we started hearing what we thought were gun shots. Instead, they were trees falling over all around us. Which is apparently what caused the power to go out in the first place. That's when it became terrifying. Our house is in the middle of the woods surrounded by 30ft (and taller!) trees. Any one of these could have come crashing into the house. But with a little bit of grandma's cough medicine in you, you really tend to forget about stuff like that fairly quickly. 

Then there was some digging cars out of snow, pulling entire trees out of the road, and general insanity that goes with that much snow in such a little amount of time.

[We went as an Aztec and Conquistador.]

We spent the next three nights and days in frigid temperatures, sleeping in layers under eight blankets. Thankfully by Tuesday of that week we left to go get married.

The power came back the following Friday.

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