Where I've been.


It's been a long and insane few months (or seven) now. Since June I've been buried with wedding planning. It's finally all said and done but the insanity isn't going to slow down till after the holidays. Right? It never does anyway. So where have I been and what have I been doing? Let's review, shall we?

[June] Finished up the 3T wedding round up. You may remember Part 1 of Lauren's wedding post. Which reminds me I should do Part 2 and also show off the stuff I did for Mandy's. (Excuse me while I add that to my growing to-do list...) Once I got back to Mass I fell to a gnarly illness that gave me pink eye for the first time in my entire life. Seriously, scared the crap out of me. Thought I was blind one morning when I couldn't open my eyelids because they were pasted shut with eye gunk. June was also pretty cold from what I remember. Lots of rain and wind so I was still wearing long sleeves. Which was hard for me to process considering I come from a land where long sleeves are a novelty for two months out of the year. That was the month of June. Oh and I had a birthday then too.

[July] My lil sister and her boyfriend came to visit us. They were here for ten days or so. Visited all the Boston landmarks and surrounding areas. Scored some tickets to the Red Sox game (above) on 4th of July and watched the Boston Pops Fireworks show. Before they came up I bought a Groupon deal for a whale watching tour in Maine. It was what my sister and I were most excited about. However, it was a failure. In a nutshell we stayed in Portland for the night, woke up and drove an hour north to the place. When we pulled in they informed us they cancelled the tour. Didn't bother to call or email me about it even though I gave them my info when I made the reservations. I left a Yelp review but it has mysteriously been deleted since (along with the venue). Interesting. But at least Groupon refunded me. But onto happier moments: did have lobster for the first time while in Maine. Was good but too rich for my liking. Only other significance was that my softball team continued losing and we ended the season (thankfully).

[August] I don't really remember much of this month. This is about the time wedding designs got heavy, took up most of my time, and I blacked out August on my calendar. Fiance and I's friend came up to visit so we did the tourist rounds again but chose to do Boston proper on our bikes.

[September] Started with a bang. My parents and Fiance's parents came out over Labor Day weekend. It was parental overload. Did the same tourist stuff (again) with them and caught a Red Sox vs. Rangers game. My mom and I pissed off a lot of Red Sox fans that day. I flew to Texas mid-month for bachelorette shenanigans. Said shenanigans was mostly spent on a lake floating all day and drinking beer (see above). Exactly what I needed.

Stay tuned for October through present.

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