I love Lucy and she loves me.


That's an actual line from the lyrical version of the "I Love Lucy" theme song. Yes, it's a real song with real lyrics. Not just the theme. And to this day I can still hear Desi singing it. Not only in my head but also in my heart. Because that's where Lucille Ball has always been.

I can never put into words what Lucille Ball means to me. It's bordering creepy how obsessed I am about Lucy. And have been before I think I could even talk. She's been the most constant and comforting aspect of my entire life. She is my security blanket. From on-screen to off-screen, she's always been my role model. Every piece of my life, behavior, and actions can somehow be traced back to her.

Most kids begged to stay up past their bedtimes to watch cartoons or play video games. Not I. Nope, I only wanted to stay up an extra hour so I could watch back to back episodes of "I Love Lucy." And more often than not, I got to (thanks Mom and Dad)!

Of course "I Love Lucy" is my favorite. Don't think I forgot about any of her movies or when she was blonde - but I'll save that for another time. "I Love Lucy" is classic, timeless, and the most influential sit-com of all time. Was also a show of many television firsts. I know every episode, line, and song by heart. I've watched each more times than you will ever think is healthy and I don't care who knows it because Lucy taught me everything I need to know about life. She taught me what love and friendship was about. Even if it was on television and impractical at times, it's exactly what I strive for in my life. She also taught me how to be adventurous, never settle for less, no is not an option, and to laugh. Definitely how to laugh.

Whether it's Ball, Ricardo, Carmichael, Carter, or Barker, I truly love Lucy.

So happy 100th Lucy! We didn't forget your birthday.

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