Bad Brew


I decided I'd start sharing random screen shots of what I'm working on from time to time. So today we have my Badass Brew marketing campaign.

We at work have decided to start targeting specific types of clients that we'd like to work with. In this case, a craft or micro-brewery. So I'm creating a label for beer bottles that we will send out to various beer companies. Ya know, catch their eye. I can't disclose the full details at the moment but we're excited.

This is not complete by far. I need to finish the label up in Illustrator and then tweak some things in Photoshop. I'll probably add a little bit of texture but not too much because the paper stock I've picked out has a lot of character and texture. If we can't print on that, I'll have to change it up because it's being designed with the intention of being on that paper.

That being said, hopefully I'll remember to post up the final product once it is complete.

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