I'm Comic Sans, asshole.


This made me laugh. Especially the last line. It's a stop-motion video by Joe Hollier about Comic Sans fighting back. Dialogue originally from Mike Lacher.

I'm Comic Sans, Asshole from joehollier on Vimeo.

It's done wonderfully. Although, I feel there is an unnecessary amount of cursing. It surprises myself that I say that but it sounds like a fourteen-year-old cursing every other word just because he wants to look cool amongst his peers. Or could that be a joke in itself here? That no matter how hard it tries, Comic Sans is still a fourteen-year-old, angst-ridden teenager that will never be respected? Is it the Ed Hardy of fonts? Think about it for a moment. Comic Sans was relatively okay until every one and their mother started using it as the body text of their emails, passive-aggressive notes on the office fridge, corner flyers, etc. Hmmm.

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