A venue at last


For those that weren't in the know, I'm getting married in November of this year. So far I've been burned by two different venues and ignored by countless more. The stress and worry had been eating at me for weeks. In a moment of panic I started looking into Vegas. But things finally fell into place and as of today the venue has been booked. I'm really pumped about it. I think it fits with our personal tastes pretty well. A perfect blend of modern and historic.

We'll be taking the vows in the Pearl Breezeway (above) and partying on in the Pearl Studio. The entire event will take place in the old Full Goods building at the historic Pearl Brewery in San Antonio. It's a fun complex that's been renovated and a nostalgic place in my memory since I lived so close to here and drove by the Pearl Brewery every day on my way to work.

Now that the venue is confirmed, you can expect to find more posts about wedding planning here in the future. I won't have to worry about jinxing myself now.

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