Let's talk beer.


I feel as if I've become a beer disciple of sorts. Yes, that's a bit pretentious but in all fairness, I surprisingly know more than I think when I start talking. With places like Flying Saucer, Hills N' Dales, plus loads of new microbreweries in the area, I think I can pull it off. To add to the positives, I thoroughly enjoy festivals about and related to beer. My friends like beer too, so I'll have good company. Designing beer labels and packaging is in the top of my "things I want to accomplish in my career" list. Hell, my ideal retirement even involves a beer tour across America in an RV. And fuck, I'm drinking a beer as I write this. A tasty Belgian leave behind from the boyfriend called Blanche de Bruxelles (the mix of wheat and citrus is my weakness).

I want to talk about hints of flavors, aftertastes, IBU's, and SRM/EBC/Lovingbond - whatever color method you prefer.

Beer is the third most popular beverage consumed overall. It follows behind water and tea. It's possible it came before man even invented pottery to store it in. There's even a song for the ancient Sumerian goddess Ninkasi that served not only as her prayer but as the recipe for beer. And rightly so considering she was the matron goddess of beer. Beer was here before Stonehenge, Greek philosophy, Cleopatra's horizontal hustle - and to really put in perspective for some of you - it was here before Jesus.

Dude, this is important stuff.
Why aren't we talking about it more?


Lauren said...

Preach on sista.

You need to come to Arlington and enjoy some of the finest brew the Read Brewing Co. has to offer.

.Tif said...

Read Brewing Co. has an awesome sound to it? Would he be interested in having labels made? I've always wanted to design beer labels.

Lauren said...

Why this last comment did not come to my inbox I'll never know. He is going to brew for the wedding and my aunt wants to have custom labels. This is perfect!