Fair-Weather Friend(s).


1. fair-weather friend
A friend who is only a friend when circumstances are pleasant or profitable. At the first sign of trouble, these capricious, disloyal friends will drop their relationship with you.
"I had thought Ted would stand by me when I was accused of theft, but it turned out he was only a fair-weather friend."

2. fair-weather friend
A friend who is only around when they need you.
"Bill is a fair-weather friend because he only comes over when I have weed."

3. fair-weather friend
A friend who is only nice to you when it's convenient. Someone who's wishy-washy. Someone who is a "backstabber." Someone who abandons you in certain situations.
"Every time you're with Bob, you won't hang out with me. You're such a fair-weather friend."

4. fair-weather friend
a friend who only sticks by you when things are going well.
"Steve don't call me since the accident, hes a fair weather friend"

5. fair-weather friend
A friend who doesn't help in times of difficulty. Likely nautical in nature, referring to the fact that when weather is good nearly anyone can help on a ship.
"When Tom refused to help me move after my divorce I realized that he was a fair-weather friend."

6. fair-weather friend
A person that is a brilliant friend while things are going well, but when the gong gets tough, the person ups and leaves.
"When I was rich, Chris was such a great friend. But when I screwed up and lost everything, I never heard from him again. Chris is such a fair-weather friend."

7. fair-weather friend
a psuedo friend. One who pretends to be your friend when things are good. Leaves when things go astray or are not quite like they think they should be.
"Lucy was only a fair-weather friend."

I've had my fair share and I don't care to have anymore.



H-Train said...

Sorry to hear some peeps are fake with you. You are a cool, talented individual and it is a pleasure to be your friend.


.tif said...

Thanks H. It is a true privelage to be your friend. You're super amazing.

Brittney said...

I love this little rant. I hope to never be in that category!