This blog has been repossessed.


And rightfully so.

This was my blog of all blogs at one point in time. I was new to the world of blogging (outside of LiveJournal anyway) and took flight in creating a blog with my own name. One day I decided to clear out the blog in hopes of a fresh start (for whatever reason I had at the time). Instead of deleting all the posts, I accidentally deleted the entire blog. My attempts to sign up again with the same name were quickly put to a stop when it was discovered that a person or robot took my blog name and used it for some re-directed spam crap. I checked the link every month or so until I gave up. Then just the other day I happened to think about it, checked it and re-claimed it!

The Alamo and Me will retire and be re-directed here from this point on. My goal is too keep the same type of content on this blog but more personal. Showcasing more of my own work and personal thoughts.

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