Fixin' to make a post.


As I've grown older (and yes I realize it isn't that old to begin with) I have become less rebellious and more prideful in things that make me, well, me. No matter where I may go and what I may do in life, Texas will always hold a very special place in my heart. Sometimes I do things that make me un-Texan. I trained myself to not use "ya'll" and "yonder" in my vocabulary. I've tried my hardest to lose that certain accent (even though all of my family has a definite one) and have been fairly successful thus far - unless I'm sleepy. I despise Dr. Pepper. Blasphemy! Most likely, I could rattle off a bunch more but that isn't the point. The point is there are numerous things that make me very much a Texan and I've found comfort in these things. I've really began to take pride in it and that is such a Texan thing to do in itself. I don't know of any other state that has people that take that much pride. It really is it's own country in a sense. Also, the people are way nicer in Texas. Way!

Now this wasn't the original intent of the post. I keep rambling off subject, losing focus, talking with my hands, etc.

I came across something that is very Texan and I think is really funny in that cute "I'm in my mid-40's" sort of way.

Texas Star Trading Co. out of Abilene sells a line of apparel and accessories with the above. I'd really like the coffee mug if someone out there wants to get it for me. I will be adding this to my wishlist. Count on it.


mandy said...

I feel the same way about Texas. Fight it as I may have in the past, fact is that I'm a Texas gal. I finally accepted it and I've even stopped fighting the urge to say y'all.

mandy said...

But I will never accept the Cowboys!

.Tif said...

Lucky for you I won't hold it against you since I'm just not that into football. Gasp! That's kind of like treason in this state.

Lauren said...

I was thinking about this the other day when I found my texas necklace in my makeup bag.

Then I thought about it again last night as the sun was going down and there was a light sprinkle. I was in Trent's mom's garden and the trees and everything looks SO pretty.

I just started thinking, why would anyone ever want to live somewhere else? I mean sure, our state sits a ways to the right...and it for sure has it's problems, but man, it sure is home.

I was also thinking the other day how life would be diffrent if I was born in another state. I really don't think people living in other states have nearly as much pride as Texans do. Like, I doubt there would be as much of a smile on my face if I told someone that, "I'm from Idaho."

.Tif said...

I'd have a smile on my face if I was from Idaho. Because then I'd have every reason to say, "Idaho? No Udaho!"