Back to School.



My original intentions were to go back to school this fall but I missed the application deadline. I actually never found the date in stone and assumed it was the end of July sometime. Obviously, I was wrong. The plans have changed and now I intend to go back starting in the spring.

In the meantime I want to take some sort of classes. Something that will benefit my professional skills without the computer. I have been looking at the Southwest School of Art and Craft for some time now and wanted to take a drawing class over the summer. The schedule didn't fit into my schedule. The only thing available at night was on a Tuesday night and as most of you know, this is press day and I never make plans on Tuesdays. This time around there are classes available that will fit into my schedule. I'm interested in drawing, mixed media and photography. I'd really like to get back to 35mm and get into a dark room again but I feel that I really need to get back to drawing. I've never been amazing at drawing but I've managed to get somewhere from time to time. When I was younger I drew often and did pretty well (at least I think). But for whatever reason I grew out of it in a sense, found other hobbies and sources for creative outlets. While I was at AI I had to take several classes and did fairly well. I most likely could have done better... they were the least of my worries out of all my classes. I've never been the best at it and I probably never will but I need to find my niche and my own style within it. I really need to find and define those things that will set me apart. Lately I have felt so ordinary and boring. Honestly, I never really thought of myself that way and it is really beginning to show in my work. I'm un-inspired and un-motivated.

This in turn has really started affecting me as a person. My day to day life isn't as happy as it should be. I'm not as happy as I should be.

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