The Return of Zeppelin(s)!


And I don't mean the ones with guitars. They've already done that.

Germany is producing zeppelins again. More than 70 years after the infamous Hindenburg disaster, its latest airship was gently guided out of the hangar doors last month to make its maiden test flight.

There have been several reports that the zeppelin may very well make a come back in the skies. With significant advancements in technology since the Hindenburg, the passenger zeppelins are being touted as luxury cruises in the sky. I hope this includes those fun little animal towels.
What is it about airships that continues to capture the imagination? By rights, the lumbering airborne relics of a century past should be no more than museum curiosities, consigned like gas lamps to the sentimental roll-call of redundant technology. But like sacked television contestants, it's hard to keep an idea as audacious as the airship down. With the cost of oil at record highs, and airline chiefs warning of the end of cheap flights, the idea of the airship is being seriously floated once more.


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