The Vaginacycle!


Where have I been? Slacking mostly. Seems like the entire month of May went by in a week. But do not fret my pretties (the whole two of you), I am back and with a kung-fu kick!

Today I am spreading the love from one fast vagina. And boy does it get around. Literally. Due to the NSFW nature (well not my work, but yours) of this image I've safely cropped it - somewhat - for you here.

Finnish artist Mimosa Pale feels the world is too man-parts-centric. We'd agree. However, we're not sure what to think about a form of protest that includes thrice weekly cruising the streets of Helsinki. inviting its inhabitants to take a ride by slipping inside her giant disembodied vagina mounted on top of her bike taxi. It'll invite discussion for sure, and yes, that is one of the expressed objectives for this mobile art and protest piece.

Now go check out the full details at Jalopnik.

And thanks to Mandy for the original linkage!