Creatures of the Deep.


New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research team recently took a 35-day trek to Antarctic waters collecting over 30,000 marine life specimen and discovering many new species along the way. Some of the most interesting collected were gigantic starfish, sea pigs, sea spiders, new octopuses (or is it octopi? I never know), several new fish, crustaceans, and so on.

Pictured above is a sea pig (really a sea cucumber) and pictured below is an octopus found 3,280 feet below sea level. Is it me or doesn't this octopus look like the alien baby Will Smith had to deliver in the back seat of a car during Men In Black?

Go check out the rest of the photos here at National Geographics. The starfish are gigantic.


mandy said...

The sea pig looks so much like a piggy bank. I wanna put my change in it.

gregory said...

i love this shit. thanks for posting the pics.

with the ocean growing increasingly acidic from our industrial carbon fog (threatening the micronutrients that the entire wet world depends on) and overfishing collapsing many of our fisheries (all are expected to crash by 2050), i fear we don't have much time left to appreciate the full evolutionary spectrum.

smoke 'em if you got 'em?