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As if you probably haven't read it somewhere else already... today was my last day in hell. I said my byes to those who matter and those who matter actually returned the goodbyes. And yes, I am indicating that there were certain people who did not say goodbye. Instead felt it was oh-so necessary to call a client that they have never cared to really call before. Nice move. Not that I'm upset that I didn't get a "peace out" or at least a wave goodbye because quite frankly my darling, I don't give a damn.

I do however think it was very rude and inconsiderate that you didn't say goodbye to the one stable person within your company who helped you do a whole hell of a lot within the last fifteen months that you apparently could not accomplish yourself. And what made that lack of gratefulness even worse is that the other employees noticed your lack of goodbye when I received each of their text messages asking, "did he even say goodbye?" Whoops. I let it slip, it is quite clear who this particular person is since I gave way to their gender and that that person is the only gender of its kind in the office. Well aside from the same gendered person who started yesterday but he doesn't count.

So my question to him is, "Is that bitterness in your mouth or did the cat get your tongue?"

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