Fiesta is Over.


San Antonio knows how to party
San Antonio knows how to party
In the citaaay of S.A.
In the citaaay of good ol' drunks
In the citaaay, the Alamo City
We keep it rockin, we keep it rockin

It wasn't that there were a ton of people. It was that there was a hell of a lot of empty beer bottles when we woke up this morning afternoon. Ben and I were talking about it in comparision to his memorable Super Tuesday parties. It just comes down to the fact that people in this town drink a ridiculous amount. The turn out was good and Ben's shirt was the life of the party. I got him the T-Qualizer conveniently in time for his birthday. All had a good time and there was only one party foul of the night. That being when someone knocked over a glass after Rosenboom Jr. beat every challenger in the beer chugging contest. We didn't attend a single Fiesta event but we made our own for sure. The only person that didn't show was the Most Interesting Man. I was disappointed but I know I'll see him again soon.


lauren said...

I bet Mandy would have something to say about a beer chugging contest.

.Tif said...

I bet she could also say something about not remembering anything there after.