Adventures in Bueno.


I've been ridirkulously busy as of the past week and a half. I didn't leave work before seven any day of the week last week. Deadlines to meet and RFPs to take care of. Had a horrendous time getting back to DFDub last weekend for two birthdays. Flight was cancelled twice due to stormtastic weather (which I would have greatly enjoyed if I wasn't trying to fly home) and then eventually delayed on the third flight. But nonetheless I made it in, saw my ladies, ate some OTB plus Babe's and wished my pop's the big one. While I was back in DFDub I expressed my dissapointment in San An for not having a Taco Bueno when Lauren told of a tale that there was in fact one Bueno in the Alamo City and that a girl we know drove from San Marcos to San Antonio just to eat there. So when I got back I started searching and found it. Oh yes. There is only one Taco Bueno and it is less than 10 minutes from my house. Heaven in a taco shell.

I made sure to get the facts on this Bueno. It just opened as of the beginning of the year and I was told that there would be 11 more opening over the next 3 years - which is also about the expected duration of my living time in this town. I am set for now.

Lately I've been using my lunch breaks to brush up and re-teach myself Spanish. Apparently it is having a deep mental effect because I have had two dreams in complete Spanish two nights in a row. One involved Mandy with a boyfriend who was a larger version of Enrique Inglesias sans the mole. The other wasn't interesting enough for me to remember but I know it happened.

And I'm jealous of you bastards back home who got snow again (!!!) this year. What is the world coming to? Snow in April in Texas? Say what? I didn't get snow here but I got lots of cold and lots of rain. There was even a rain drop that fell directly into my eye. How this happened... I'm still not sure but my eye hurt from the freeze of it all.


mandy said...

but do they offer breakFEAST?

lauren said...

you are welcome.