Suck It Phil Collins.


Stop what your doing and watch this cover of "In The Air Tonight" go down on the Paris Metro. It's a High Fidelity "Is that Peter Fuckin Frampton? I always hated this song. Yeah... I kinda like it. Yeah..." moment for me. But now with "Is that Phil Fuckin Collins?"

Pay special attention to the man wearing the black jacket, listening to his iPod who continues to stand with his back to Naturally 7 as if he is completely appalled at what is taking place behind his back.


mandy said...

Oh man, I miss the random musical acts in the Metro and how no one even pays attention to them.

My favorite was this crazy band that played Gypsy Kings, but this is even better. I think even Lauren has to respect this Phil Collins cover.

What a random song for a group of black dudes to cover so awesomely.

pimplomat said...

This is the second random music in Paris video I've seen this week. Here's the first:

I think it's a sign that I need to move to Paris and be a busker.