Scratch N Sniff Me.


I'm at work looking for a company online to print custom stickers when I came across a bajillion scratch n' sniff makers. One company in particular has a maple fragrance. So I had an idea...

Whenever I start promoting my self and work (no telling when that could ever possibly be) I should make my promotional pieces with the maple scratch n' sniff fragrance.


I get a lot of shit about not using the "Maples" part of my name to my benefit but I think it is incredibly cheesey to use a maple leaf or tree or syrup or whatever else. But I think the scratch n' sniff sticker is subtle enough and cool enough to work.



Andrea Grimes said...

the scratch'n'sniff thing is a great idea. leaves and trees are lame, but actual smells ... that rocks. scratch'n'sniff biz cards? yes!

.Tif said...

YES! Biz cards would be so awesome.

One of the companies I found will let you send your pre-printed material to them and scent it which cancels my fear of crappy printing.