WTF: Now with Images.


And those icicles hanging from my car are attached to the ground beneath.


LOLA said...

jesus h. christ.

aw your house looks so cute.


Spring Break '07 San Antonio or BUST.

(That is if we don't go to Colorado...which we prolly wont what with dad and the whole cop thing....)

.Tif said...

Dude! I'm eligible for a paid vacation by then. I could so take off that week and we could go everywhere. Spend a day in Austin, go to the beach, finally drive to Mexico and back in the same night!!! The possibilities are endless. If you're serious then let me know so I can start putting in for the time off.

lola said...

oh i'm serious. i couldn't take a whole week off, but i wanna get away this year. we could go to austin. cause i think break is around the same time as sxsw. sweetness.

we'll talk this weekend.

Andrea Grimes said...

come back to the blogosphere, tiff.