While I Was Sleeping.


I've been in a coma for the past two weeks. Obviously. Here's what I learned while I was away and what I learned when I got back to the land of internet.

Smokin' Aces was a bit disappointing. Okay but I was hoping for better. The only saving grace was Ryan Reynolds face - which was definitely worth the eight bucks.

Whoever created the Bell Biv DeVoe music profile on MySpace spelt "Poison" as "Posion" and it can now be seen on my page.

It is easy to trespass onto the rooftops of downtown San An on a cold Saturday night.

And this past weekend was a big big blur. Hooray for Vanessa visiting me. :)

And in the actual news world...

Hobbits are real... Or are they?

Robotic Parking. Wait, do people drive cars in Chinatown?

The man who brought us I Dream of Jeannie has killed over.

Convincing reasons why not to let my possible future children attend school in San Antonio.

The village to go with Stonehenge.

Woof woof. Obey your pyschologist. Otherwise you'll wear a collar.

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