Mama I'm Coming Home.


This weekend: January 19-21, 2007.

I'm bringing my new found tumor/knot/cyst/blood clot/swollen nerv/whatever with me as well. I developed some funky marble-sized knot right-smack in middle of my forearm. Inside of my left forearm to be exact. I noticed it late Thursday night. It hurts to pretty much do anything with my arm. Probably why it has taken me ten minutes to type just this little blurb out. It sits on top of a fairly large vein and it is raised above my actual arm plane making it seem like a tiny mountain. It is hard, tender and swollen. I think it could be a twin. Probably has teeth in it. I'll hopefully find out something when I go to the Doc on Wednesday.

And I though DFDub went crazy over these Arctic Blasts. South Texas doesn't know what the hell to do. Which is beneficial to me because so far tonight they've closed every possible bridge, over pass and highway above 3 feet that is in route to work. Thus making it virtually impossible for me to be able to go to work tomorrow *crosses fingers*.

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