My younger cousins have gained an interest in puzzles, well Maggie has at least. I was thinking of ordering a custom puzzle with a photo of themselves on it for Christmas. Yay or nay? If you were under the age of five and put a puzzle together to realize it was a puzzle of yourself, would you be excited? I think I would.

Piczzle.com seems to have a good deal on them. They look cheesy at first but upon further investigation I can in fact submit a photo with no added graphics or borders. Qoop.com has some too. But my question is to you if you know if I can outsource this through Walgreens or CVS? I know they do mugs, mouse pads, etc... but do you know if they can do puzzles too? I think it just might be easier and possibly cheaper that way.


lola said...

yes yes yes i know cvs does puzzles. jake and i are getting mom a mug with a pic of me and him and lily on it.

.Tif said...

I knew you would come through on the CVS info. You should be their spokes model.