News Overload.


I've been uber busy lately with work and freelance work so here is the list of news links I kept bookmarking and meaning to blog about. Some may seem like ancient news at this point but we must all remember that some people live under rocks. Cheers.

What I really want to know now: Who to play role of Freddie?"

Raven gets larger and has witches nose. She looks like ass all the time. What happened to the good ol' days when she was cute and tiny on the Cosby Show? I wish I could find the photo where I compared her to a cockatoo and Randy Jackson.

Learn how to write already!

Ring in the New Year with the new Saks Fifth Avenue Identity. Simple concept with great execution.

2006's Sexiest Geeks. Kari Byron should totally be on the official list. Bitch is dead sexy and an artist - not just a scientist. Actually, she's pretty well rounded which makes her even hotter. Let's just say... I'd do her.

Amazon to turn into Grass by end of century. Which means I need to go travel it before it happens. Seriously, I really do want to travel the Amazon.

Huge chunk of ice snaps and separates in Arctic. Well this can't be good.

City Council likes to ban a lot of things... and stupid things.

And yes, that is a panda bear reading the newspaper up there.


doubleyoi said...

Those are actually really good newslinks. I had only seen the Freddie Mercury one before, and I heard it would be Johnny Depp.

We definitely need to travel down the Amazon. (Actually I think it's up?) It will be just like that Amazon Trail game. Capybaras!

And please send the "Learn how to write" link to Neal.

.Tif said...

Johnny Depp, really? As much as I adore Johnny I really don't see him playing Freddie Mercury - though he does have experience walking in heels. I think it should be someone under the radar. Who... I have not decided.

As if I have the ultimate mark on the decision. I will sleep on this.