January Fly Time.


I have to go home sometime in January to deliver presents. And this time I will definitely book my flight in advance through Southwest to avoid crap air fare (at least compared to, once I saw how cheap Southwest was). My parentals will be in Vegas the weekend of January 19-21. This could be a prime time to come but I need guarantee that I have a place to sleep, eat and shit. Also, I'd need guarantee that someone would pick my ass up from Love Field. If not that weekend then probably January 12-14.

Yay? Nay?


doubleyoi said...

I can pick your ass up if I have someone to guide me. The airport is not my thing. If I am left to my own devices, you will probably be stranded.

If you run out of toilet paper @ your house again I have a guest room.

.Tif said...

I'm afraid of my old house. It just isn't home anymore.

doubleyoi said...

and it's haunted.

Lola said...

Fuck yea that house is haunted. I will never be alone in that house ever again.

lola said...

you can always shit at my house. however you have to sleep in the bed with Jake.

or we could take over your house. i'll bring my ghost detecting tools.*