Good Christmas.


My first Christmas in my own house was damn good. Lots of good stuff was exchanged but I was happy for my mom more than anyone/thing else.

The back story of my parents for those who don't know:

My parents were married three months before I was born. Doesn't seem like a big deal except that they were 17 and 18 when I finally arrived. My father had just graduated high school and went straight to work and never stopped. My mom still had to complete senior year so she could graduate from high school. So there wasn't a lot of spending room and when they were first married they only had wedding bands - which were heirlooms if I'm not mistaken.

Well my dad got my mom her first diamond ring of her very own this year. It just made me cry watching her cry and realizing how much it does really mean to her. And to make it all better he bought her a Past, Present and Future ring. She was extremely happy and completely taken by surprise. That really did make my Christmas complete.


doubleyoi said...

So Will pulled through, eh?

lola said...

awww Will did good! Yeah Maples family!