Fuck yes!

p.s. This is one of the few times I actually get to watch a Mavs game on TV since the Spurs have some kind of hold over Time Warner Cable and like to not show games even when their TV listing says they are.


doubleyoi said...

omg, i totally just posted about this too. glad you got to see the game. it was a good one. devin is fucking bringing his A game this year. driving the lane, taking the charges, even getting the rebounds. you picked a good man to sire your illegitimate children.

.Tif said...

I'm so excited for Devin this season. He really stepped up in the playoffs last year and that has given him a huge boost for this season. He's going to be wild in this seasons playoffs. I really think he's going to p0wn. I think he just needs to let go of his nerves when it is crunch time. He seems to fumble most often then.

doubleyoi said...

If I hadn't already decided on Stackhouse as my favorite Mav, it would totally be Devin. He just gives it his all the whole game. I'm so proud when he gets rebounds b/c he's so tiny. Did you see last nite when he jumped past all these guys to get either a rebound or a loose ball and then somersaulted out of bounds whie trying to keep it in? He didn't manage to keep it in, but damn he tried. I was just like "Wow. He is all over the place."

.Tif said...

I so did. He is so damn quick... like a fox. I have trouble keeping my focus on him on the tv screen because sometimes it is like he transports himself throughout the court. Just like Nightcrawler.

I will make as many Marvel references to players as I can now.