A Very Neiman's Xmas.


Let's just pretend that I can afford these things or that even you could afford these things and will buy them for me.

Because I have an elephant obsession and these would class up my cheap Wal-Mart elephant lamp that I love so dearly.

Now that I have a house I could use a few hundred dollars worth of black crystal stemware.

Made for my body.

Because I can pull this off.

I have as much chance of getting this as I do pulling a diamond out of my ass.

This could just be a novelty.


Anonymous said...

that green dress is out. of. control.

manders said...

did i ever tell you that the chick from plano who went up in space was my friend tara's aunt?

i found you an in.

.Tif said...

Hook up is in order.

I'm willing to exchange for sexual services.