Sluts, Guts & More Sluts.


It must've been Halloween then.

The time of the season when a vast majority of ladies find reason to dress like super skanks. Every costume has a "sexy" prefix before it and far too many are too chunky to be wearing that. There are no sexy doctors in heels, no sexy cops in mid-drift uniforms, no sexy army commanders in skirt-styled BDUs, no sexy this, no sexy that, and no sexy other. And if they aren't some sexy whatchamacallit then they aren't dressed up. Kind of sucks the fun out of a costume party when most people aren't dressed in costume.

I think next year I'm going to be poop.


lola said...

what were you and ben? mandy and i were trying to figure it out from that picture on his gayspace

.Tif said...

I was a Dia de Los Muertos doll and he was The Punisher.