Ah Crap.


For the first time (ever) I have woken up drunk and realized that I lost my credit card somewhere between the Book Building and Zen Bar.

Take note that I also passed out on my floor and woke up next to Jax, not Ben. And somehow through it all I got to work earlier than I normally would on any other day.



manders said...

We might not be allowed to make fun of Lauren anymore.

I got drunk and dropped my phone in the shitter and I also thought I lost my license. (Turns out it was just in my pants pocket in my hamper though.)

And now you??

We're gonna start talking country when we get drunk next.

.Tif said...

And line dancing.

I think Lauren is just the pioneer drunk of us all. She's our captain.

p.s. I'm hoping my credit card just fell into my clothes hamper too.

lola said...

you guys can be my first mates.