I'm [new] Home.


My closet is stocked and organized. I guess that means I'm in now.

The last time I saw Benjamin was the same weekend we shaved his head. Once he got down here he shaved his face. The beard is gone. And I mean gooooone. It is amazing how different someone can look with and without a beard. It is like Old Ben. By old I don't mean older because I actually mean younger. The Ben of the past except he doesn't have that little patch thing under his lip. He has to get up at five every morning for PT. Blow.

I went and did my paperwork yesterday and that means I'm in (part two: electric boogaloo). I start on Tuesday. Still excited and nervous all at the same time. Last night my studio hosted a party/club/music/food/whatever/etc. event. My boss gave me invitations to go and I was hoping too but I was unpacking instead. I procrastinate.

I'm freaking out though. Millionaire started direct depositing and I was supposed to get paid yesterday by direct deposit. Well, nothing is in my bank account. Nothing is pending in my account either. Now it is Saturday and there is a holiday on Monday so the banks are closed. Once again I have no money whatsoever for the weekend because of them and their check problems. I don't know what to do. It is so frustrating.

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