Here's Sunday.


A bit hard to post anything on here when I don't have access to computer as much as I did at home-home but I'm enjoying this place more and more everyday. This is what I've enjoyed this past week...

As a huge margarita fan, I enjoy the fact that I can get a good one every place I go. I especially love Mama Margie's and Cha Cho's because they limit the number you can have because they are that effing good. Love. And you definitely don't need any more after the limit.

HEB! I think I could live in the walk-in cooler. Widest selection of beer possible. Last night we went all Mexican and I bought a six pack of each Mexican beer that was left. Good to go.

My job is so effing sweet. Way way way better than I could have ever imagined it would be. I feel involved and appreciated. My coworkers are awesome people and we all come from such diverse backgrounds so there is always interest at hand and different approaches. And did I mention I got to drink a beer at work? Cause I did.

The food is amazing of course. And not just the Mexican food. I've had some of the best BBQ and burgers here as well.

It may not seem like much but I've really enjoyed it so far and can only hope my happiness here continues.

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