The Why.


Why am I moving to San Antonio?

This my curious friend is a good answer. Why would a MFFL move to the most despised city in a Mav's fan's eyes? The answer is simple. I'm going to taunt the Spurs every chance I get and make their 2006-2007 season hell. I will make Tony Parker (or shall I say Park-hur) go home and cry in the bosom of Eva Longoria after every game and beg to go back to France to be with his mommy. I will make Michael Finley realize how big of a douche he was and still is for leaving the Mavs in search of a title because he is a selfish bastard. I will send Manu Ginobli running back to Argentina to live with the alpacas in the Andes. I will make Tim Duncan... well it really doesn't matter what I do to Tim Duncan. He won't have any idea what is going on anyway.

I declare it right here and now that I will always love and support my Mavs even in the enemy's city.

And now thanks to my sister I can wear my autographed Jason Terry toboggan every game day.


Lola said...

I would like to think you posted this for me. Since the first thing I asked you months ago about the move was in refrence to your fan status.


.Tif said...

I had to let you know where my head was.