Sleepy Sunday.


My dad ate my cheesecake because I drank his beer. I say it was a fair trade.

Benjamin left tonight for San An. In fact, he's driving as I type. The next time I see him he will have a completely clean-shaven face and that will be incredibly weird at first. I've known him without facial hair but he's had the beard for nearly two years.

I have lots to do for the remaining ten days that I am here. For my last day at work we're going to eat at Babe's for lunch and Corky's Pizza on Tuesday. Because of this I have started to make a list of places I need to eat before I leave. So far this includes On The Border (there are none in San An and I must have a watermelon margarita before I go), Cha Cha's, and Bruster's Ice Cream. There should probably be a lot more on this list. What am I missing?


pimplomat said...

If you haven't tried it yet, eat at the Alligator Cafe.

.Tif said...

What is so grand about this Alligator Cafe?

pimplomat said...

Well, the Dallas Observer awarded them Best Cajun and Best Root Beer last year in their Best Of issue. The sweet tea is great, as well. The dishes are delicious and well-prepared, with thought put into the presentation. The staff is friendly and helpful. And I've heard native New Orleans citizens say that it's the best Cajun they've had since living in the Crescent City. But you know, I don't want to play it up too much.

.Tif said...

You had me at sweet tea.