The Pile.


I have a monstrous to-do list that I just can't seem to even attempt to start tackling. It probably doesn't help that I'm sitting here typing, eating a bowl of Lucky Charms and watching Martha. There's a black lady on here making some cake with fresh granny smith apples and caramel sauce that looks freaking delicious. Martha then asked her what else she likes to cook besides this cake and she said, "fried chicken." Duh.

Last night I added Red Hot & Blue to my list of places to eat before I leave. So full and so good. In fact, after I finish off this bowl of cereal I was thinking about tackling my leftovers. I also went to On The Border to get a watermelon margarita before I leave and they effed up big time. It didn't even taste like a margarita. Wasn't even the right color. Our waitress was dumb and couldn't understand. And of course we had terrible service. You can't not go to the Crapfield OTB and get bad service, that would be a crime. Sometimes I wish I had a fake Brinker card to lay out on the table so that when I do complain the manager would listen. And so I could get a discount. But mostly so the manager at OTB would take me seriously. Triple Trouble went into eat there one time and the service was horrendous. It was just straight up bad. The waiter was so rude to us and when we asked to speak to the manager, the manager just made excuses for him. And a lame one like, "oh he's just having a bad day." Total bullshit.

Has anyone ever seen Paige Davis' husband? Gay.


nerver said...

he could not BE any gayer. seriously.

.Tif said...

He HAS to be with a face like that. It just screams out GAY!