I'm Peruvian.


My dream last night involved me being a school bus driver. I would park the bus in my backyard and drive it through the gate and out onto the street where I would then take my route to pick up children. After all the children were dropped off at school I took the bus out to a field. Apparently this is where all the bus drivers went afterwards because there were probably twenty out there. But we didn't park the buses there, we raced them. We raced yellow school buses in a field between shifts of delivering and retrieving kids from school. We did tricks with them too. I could get my bus to drive on its side on two wheels. Funny thing is that I really have always wondered what school bus drivers did between the beginning and end of the school day. So after the racing and tricks were over we all left. I took my school bus to some cafe where my cousin worked. On the walls of the cafe were all these photos of my dad's side of the family. I asked who a certain person was and she said it was our grandmother from Peru. Then she asked me, "You know you're Peruvian, right?" I didn't say anything, I was just happy I had some sort of heritage all of a sudden. Then I got back in my school bus and drove.

That is all I remember. I did have a second dream about not knowing who my cousins were and driving from Dallas to Oklahoma City everyday for school.

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