10,000 Reasons Civilization is Doomed.


Six friends gathered around a table one night and decided that civilization (American I assume) was doomed due to a number of reasons. So they set up a site, began a list and will now let you contribute. The goal is to reach 10,000. The answers I liked most and consider to be the highlights are...
Reason #99: People think the word "wang" is still funny.
Reason #128: One can choose between 14 different types of toilet paper.
Reason #140: People who DONT think the word "wang" is still funny.
Reason #150: Illinois Nazis.
Reason #179: restaurants where you eat from a toilet.
Reason #253: I just spent 20 mins reading this list instead of doing my job.
Reason #287: There are now 17 Law and Order spinoffs.
Reason #335: Rampant abuse of Helvetica.
Reason #352: Parents who put their kids on leashes in a shopping mall.
Reason #359: ducktales is no longer on the air.
Reason #430: Brooke Hogan's GRILL
Reason #453: "Yes, Dear" remains on the air much longer than "Arrested Development."

Thoughts on these:
1. How is "wang" not funny?
2. The state of Illinois has Nazis? I would never have known.
3. Why would you build a restaurant themed around toilets?
4. Yea! Why isn't Duck Tales on anymore?
5. Brooke Hogan's grill and tranny face.
6. I'm still not happy about the Arrested Development situation.

Look for me! I'm #526. If you really know me then you don't even have to guess what I wrote.

Check out the complete list so far.


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