Oscars 2013: Let's Drink!


It's that time again! Another year, another game. And I haven't updated much else around these parts.

We're Moving!


It's true! All the rumors are true.

Pink Elephants


Looking back, I can see how this scene might've terrified children while watching Dumbo but as a kid, I was absolutely enthralled in it. I still love it and think it's a beautiful piece of animation. The only difference between then and now is that I understand they were drunk. Thanks for the euphemism Jack London!

Probe Battle


This is pretty much all I could think of when Virginia started going around shouting for mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds. And since I'm better with images than words most of the time, I made a handy illustration to prove my point. Seriously, this shit is scary.

Around the world.


This is a cover of Daft Punk's "Around the World" on a piano set to a clip from a silent film. And it makes me super happy.



Good grief. How many times have I said I was going to update around here?

Infograph Proposal


Wow. This guy just stole my heart. He proposed to his girlfriend by way of an infograph. Not that I don't totally love how sheepishly frightened my husband proposed to me and later added a helicopter ride, but this guy. This is right up my alley.

Full infograph over at BuzzFeed.

I see our future.


One of the most anticipated shows that started this year for Hubs and I was Up All Night. And thank gawd it was swapped with Whitney (coughterribleshowsobadcough) and is now on NBC's Thursday lineup. I've never not liked anything with Will Arnett or Christina Applegate so it caught my eye immediately. I was hooked within 10 minutes of the pilot episode. Especially when they mentioned how much they have to stop cursing.

It's my new comedy love. And it's foretelling my future. The characters of Reagan and Chris are most definitely my husband and I within a few years. From things like the sock incident...

Golden Globes: A reason to drink.


Award season kicks off tonight and if you have absolutely nothing better to do and need a valid reason to drink, then you're in the right place. I've done the grunt work of searching the internet for all the other Golden Globe drinking games and compiled the better of them all into one convenient list. Click the image for the full list.

You're welcome. Also, let it be warned that I will most likely be tweeting while playing tonight so if you need to block me on Twitter, do it now.

Kitty Narnia


Sitting here just watching Up All Night when this commercial comes on...

Did that cat just go to Kitty Narnia?!?!?! Through the dishwasher?!?! What the hell is going on here. This is so freaking trippy to me. It's cat food! Kitty Narnia! Gah!

Halloween from Snow Hell


Halloween weekend was incredibly fun and incredibly terrifying. We got our first snow storm of the year. Woo! But nearly two feet within two hours was way too much. So much that we partied by candlelight.

Where I've been.


It's been a long and insane few months (or seven) now. Since June I've been buried with wedding planning. It's finally all said and done but the insanity isn't going to slow down till after the holidays. Right? It never does anyway. So where have I been and what have I been doing? Let's review, shall we?

Flyer Inspiration Feature

Oooh. Apparently I made it onto the homepage of Flyer Inspiration (bottom row, center). I whipped this up for some friends in San Antonio that had a gig. Typically isn't my bag of design but exciting nonetheless.

Vogue Japan


I fuhreaking love House Industries. Got this gem in my email the other day. They were asked by Vogue Japan to design their cover and gift wrap for the December holiday issue. Spot on! Check out some of the other photos here on the House Blog.

Lauren's Wedding Roundup Part 1


It's already September you guys! What have I been doing?!?! Oh right. Planning my own wedding. I can understand how the months just slip away now and back when Lauren was still planning her wedding, I was alongside her (virtually) designing a lot of her wedding details. From Save the Dates, to invitations, to beer labels, to cd labels, to seating cards, etc. If it was going to be printed on paper, I was designing it.

When I got an email today from Lauren saying that Style Me Pretty - Texas was featuring her wedding photos from McGowan Images, I was totally stoked. Essentially that means I'm featured too! And not just my face -- which total is since I was a bridesmaid. All in all, I remembered I had not posted anything up from Lauren's wedding.

So way back in January we started with the Save the Dates. Once the design was finalized on these it really extended itself to a lot of the other fun stuff.

My dogs are people too.


Just came across the photo I took when I taught Susi and Jax how to sit at the table like people. Couldn't resist posting.